Inequality Affects us All

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The insight we brought from “I, Scientist” Conference What makes us a scientist? Our job is a part of our identity, but not our whole essence. The “I, Scientist” 2019 Conference at Technical University of Berlin was an international meeting for scientists who talk about science—but also beyond it. The conference introduced issues that affect people working in science, as well as in other fields: … Continue reading Inequality Affects us All »

Cannabis medicinal research: Smoking our way to health?

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The author, Theodore Kapellos, is a postdoctoral researcher at the LIMES Institute of the University of Bonn. In this blog article, he shares his expertise on an interesting human physiological endogenous system that he studied during his PhD studies in the United Kingdom ( In contrast to its most popular recreational use, cannabis consumption may have significant medicinal implications in the fight against major chronic … Continue reading Cannabis medicinal research: Smoking our way to health? »