Rockin‘ around the BioChemisTree

We were looking for the most Christmassy lab in the Cluster and were amazed by the contributions to our Cluster Christmas Call 2015. We found Santa in front of a laminar flow cabinet and even the loo in some institutes featured Frosty the Snowman. Labs were decorated with fairy lights and Christmas trees and whole groups as well as single members were dressed up as Father Christmas.

Choosing a winner for our call was a really difficult task but we finally decided that a BioChemisTree with glowing chemiluminescent lights really deserves to win. Congratulations to Sebastian Schmitt, prizewinner of a WOKI cinema voucher for his fantastic idea and realisation. But see for yourself: have a closer look at all the great pictures and poems and let us know which contribution is your personal frontrunner. The Blog Team wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a successful new year!


Our # 1: Sebastian Schmitt sent in his BioChemisTree with glow in the dark effects – Congratulations!


Susanne Viehmann in the Christmas Imaging Facility


Whoops! What could David Fußhöller find on the loo???



Also the Wachten Group is prepared for Christmas, proven by this picuture sent in by Melanie Balbach


Silke Lambing submitted the picture of Father Christmas, spotted during a rather unusual action


Author: Christian Sieg

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