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Bo&MeRanG – One PhD, Two Hemispheres

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My name is Christina and I am doing my PhD within the Bo&MeRanG program at the Universities of Bonn and Melbourne. Bonn and Melbourne, that is not an easy commute some people might think. True! But it is not as if I had to travel back and forth every week. In fact, I came to Melbourne twice and stayed there altogether for one year. The … Continue reading Bo&MeRanG – One PhD, Two Hemispheres »

Look into my father’s eyes: On the joy and trouble of becoming a father during the PhD

Sigmund Freud once stated “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” This was some time ago but nonetheless the role of the father is a very current issue as researchers and society are just finding out how important fathers are for the development of their children (here and here). Managing parenthood during the PhD is … Continue reading Look into my father’s eyes: On the joy and trouble of becoming a father during the PhD »

Keep Calm and Janeway!

When I started my PhD I was a “newbie”. I was THE DEFINITION of newbie: inexperienced beginner, making the first steps in the wild and scary PhD world! I was driven by curiosity, passion and motivation and I was hungry to know more, to learn more, to develop my own ideas and find my own way to push forward the project I was assigned to. … Continue reading Keep Calm and Janeway! »

The Travel Ban: Are We All Affected?

About the author: US President Donald Trump’s travel ban is aimed to suspend the issuance of immigrant and non-immigrant visas of over 135 million people, from seven countries. This article is written by one of those 135 million people. A talented junior researcher from Germany, who was awarded by the Immunosensation travel grant in order to present her work in the Conference of American Society … Continue reading The Travel Ban: Are We All Affected? »

Get involved – “juFORUM goes job”!

Achieving a PhD is great. But which career will we want to pursue afterwards? Many of us may ask questions like this – mostly with the conclusion that there are a lot of opportunities. However, do we truly know plenty enough about the requirements, different daily routines and career perspectives to make such an important and extensive decision? While some of us decide to continue … Continue reading Get involved – “juFORUM goes job”! »

Are you a typical PhD student?

Have you ever doubted your decision to pursue a PhD? We’ve found that most PhD students we’ve talked to, at one point or another, experience uncertainty of some kind. Have you ever doubted whether you correspond to what a “typical PhD student” is supposed be? Because we know that life as a graduate student can at times be chaotic and taxing, we’ve set out to … Continue reading Are you a typical PhD student? »