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Inequality Affects us All

Conference Booklet iScientist 2019

The insight we brought from “I, Scientist” Conference What makes us a scientist? Our job is a part of our identity, but not our whole essence. The “I, Scientist” 2019 Conference at Technical University of Berlin was an international meeting for scientists who talk about science—but also beyond it. The conference introduced issues that affect people working in science, as well as in other fields: … Continue reading Inequality Affects us All »

From pipets and antibodies to computers and algorithms – wet-lab versus dry-lab

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About the interviewer: I am Amir Kayvanjoo, a PhD student in the field of Molecular Biomedicine at LIMES institute, research group of Dr. Mass, University of Bonn. I have done my bachelor in Biology-Animal Sciences in Iran and later my Master in Life Sciences Informatics with the focus on data science and chemoinformatics at the University of Bonn. In a series of articles, I would … Continue reading From pipets and antibodies to computers and algorithms – wet-lab versus dry-lab »

Get involved – “juFORUM goes job”!

Achieving a PhD is great. But which career will we want to pursue afterwards? Many of us may ask questions like this – mostly with the conclusion that there are a lot of opportunities. However, do we truly know plenty enough about the requirements, different daily routines and career perspectives to make such an important and extensive decision? While some of us decide to continue … Continue reading Get involved – “juFORUM goes job”! »

Consulting – Curious minds with business sense wanted

Is this job a perfect match? Our author, Klara, studied Molecular Biomedicine at different Universities across Germany. After her PhD at the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Bonn she went for an internship in the Inhouse Consulting Department of a major pharmaceutical company. To explore other strategy consulting opportunities she joined an external consultancy firm. Here, our former colleague explains how she ended up in … Continue reading Consulting – Curious minds with business sense wanted »