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Master Newbie in Bonn? We can help!

The ImmunoSensation Blog is happy to welcome the new Immunology and Biochemistry LIMES Master students as well as the Medical Immunosciences and Infection Master students of the University Hospital. We want you to have a great start in our nice city and get to know your colleagues in a fun way. Therefore, we have prepared a little challenge: Team up with four to ten of … Continue reading Master Newbie in Bonn? We can help! »

Rockin‘ around the BioChemisTree

We were looking for the most Christmassy lab in the Cluster and were amazed by the contributions to our Cluster Christmas Call 2015. We found Santa in front of a laminar flow cabinet and even the loo in some institutes featured Frosty the Snowman. Labs were decorated with fairy lights and Christmas trees and whole groups as well as single members were dressed up as … Continue reading Rockin‘ around the BioChemisTree »

The Cluster goes Christmas

A successful year full of exciting science [see “super-Immune stimulatory DNA”; “strategies to recognize microbes”] and events [like the Student’s Networking Meeting; Cluster Science Days 2015] is coming to an end. To conclude also the first year of this blog, we invite all Cluster members to join in our Cluster Christmas project 2015. We are looking for evidence how Christmas has reached the Cluster – … Continue reading The Cluster goes Christmas »

And the photo competition award goes to…

This August we organised a photo competition looking for the most creative ways on how our cluster members combine working in the lab and enjoying the summer. As the leaves will begin to fall soon, we are proud to announce our three winners and present their fantastic work. Dr Sebastian Schmitt (Structural Immunology) termed his creation “The moment, when summertime starts contaminating your tissue culture … Continue reading And the photo competition award goes to… »