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PhD vs Dr. rer. nat

Intensive sociological research  has led to uncover similarities between marriage and supervisor-PhD agreements. Whereas marriage and a PhD are not mutually exclusive choices per se, the decision to pursue a PhD or a Dr. rer. nat. usually is. In a follow-up study we now investigated the two different options for aspiring PhD candidates in the life sciences at the University of Bonn. Our results are … Continue reading PhD vs Dr. rer. nat »

What will we do after our PhD?!?

Well, probably we will be… brilliant but crazy (just kidding) scientists. At least that is what the statistics show. But we also have a good chance of exploring other options. According to Paula Stephan from Harvard, 48% of the proud PhD title holders stay in academia, 23% go to industry, 9% work for the government, 11% do something else (?), and 10 % do not … Continue reading What will we do after our PhD?!? »