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Bo&MeRanG – One PhD, Two Hemispheres

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My name is Christina and I am doing my PhD within the Bo&MeRanG program at the Universities of Bonn and Melbourne. Bonn and Melbourne, that is not an easy commute some people might think. True! But it is not as if I had to travel back and forth every week. In fact, I came to Melbourne twice and stayed there altogether for one year. The … Continue reading Bo&MeRanG – One PhD, Two Hemispheres »

Keep Calm and Janeway!

When I started my PhD I was a “newbie”. I was THE DEFINITION of newbie: inexperienced beginner, making the first steps in the wild and scary PhD world! I was driven by curiosity, passion and motivation and I was hungry to know more, to learn more, to develop my own ideas and find my own way to push forward the project I was assigned to. … Continue reading Keep Calm and Janeway! »

The Travel Ban: Are We All Affected?

About the author: US President Donald Trump’s travel ban is aimed to suspend the issuance of immigrant and non-immigrant visas of over 135 million people, from seven countries. This article is written by one of those 135 million people. A talented junior researcher from Germany, who was awarded by the Immunosensation travel grant in order to present her work in the Conference of American Society … Continue reading The Travel Ban: Are We All Affected? »