The ups and downs of learning a programming language

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How I got into programming In today’s world, advances in technology and laboratory methods make the handling of ever-increasing amounts of data in science very important. For handling large amounts of data, computer science skills are more in demand than ever. Therefore, scientists, students, postgraduates, etc. are beginning to get more involved with programming languages. As a medical student, I am now for the first … Continue reading The ups and downs of learning a programming language »

Microbes to erase bad memories??


Orson Welles, the greatest film personality of all time said, ‘We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone’. However, the talented and award winning British science writer Ed Yong does not seem to agree with Welles. He claims in his book ‘I contain multitudes: The Microbes within us and a grander view of life’, that Welles was mistaken. He says ‘Even when we are … Continue reading Microbes to erase bad memories?? »

Inequality Affects us All

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The insight we brought from “I, Scientist” Conference What makes us a scientist? Our job is a part of our identity, but not our whole essence. The “I, Scientist” 2019 Conference at Technical University of Berlin was an international meeting for scientists who talk about science—but also beyond it. The conference introduced issues that affect people working in science, as well as in other fields: … Continue reading Inequality Affects us All »