New series: Going interdisciplinary – Beyond the borders of Immunology


What do maths, physics, informatics, chemistry and medicine have in common? On the first glance: not too much – within the broad field of natural sciences those are widely divergent disciplines. We expect the stereotypical mathematician in front of a giant black board scratching his ingenious head and the physicist working at CERN chasing new, unknown subatomic particles explaining the world. And sure, computer scientists help Google to implement the new virtual reality glasses for us.

In fact, that’s not quite how things really have to be. Right here, under the umbrella of the ImmunoSensation Cluster, scientists from diverse fields work together to unveil immunological questions. To approach this exciting interplay of disciplines, we have launched the new series “Going interdisciplinary – Beyond the borders of Immunology”.

In one of our latest articles you’ve already got to know how mathematical models help to decipher T cell activation, during the next weeks we will report why we need software engineering to fully use the power of CRISPR/Cas9 and why physics is more than helpful to understand chemokine gradients and protein structures. Our series will conclude with the interplay of immunity and chemistry as well as medicine. So stay tuned to broaden your horizon!

Author: Christian Sieg