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Achieving a PhD is great. But which career will we want to pursue afterwards? Many of us may ask questions like this – mostly with the conclusion that there are a lot of opportunities. However, do we truly know plenty enough about the requirements, different daily routines and career perspectives to make such an important and extensive decision? While some of us decide to continue a career in academia, others aim to join a company, become a consultant, want to be a scientific writer, or go into industry, aiming for an up-and-coming position in marketing or management.


“juFORUM” goes job – offering support

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Naturally, a lot of information about the different career paths needs to be collected and evaluated to decide where to go next – an aim that can be overwhelming. Thus, we (three PhD students and juFORUM members from the university of Bonn) decided to launch the seminar series “juFORUM goes job“ which aims to introduce and discuss job profiles, their individual requirements and subsequent career opportunities.



Ever heard of juFORUM?

The non-profit union “Deutsches Jungforschernetzwerk – juFORUM e.V.” is referred to as juFORUM and promotes the exchange between young people who aim to study and work in science. Every scientifically interested student is welcome and invited to join the network that consists of about 400 members who are mostly students and PhD candidates from all different sciences and engineering disciplines. This network is active regionally and at federal level, organizing congresses, offering workshops, visits of research institutions, discussions of scientific topics and meetings for people with similar interests.


juFORUM goes job” – the job talk series

Of course, there are plenty of job offers for graduate students in biology, chemistry and biomedicine. Thus, we brainstormed and collected a list of jobs we heard of. By now we organized job talks focusing on being a principle investigator in academia, a consultant, a patent attorney, and working in public relations. But we are not even close to being done!


Why you should join our seminar series?

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Well, beside the familiar, friendly atmosphere and free pizza, every participant can engage in lively discussions with our guests and ask all the burning questions! The participants of our previous talks were nurtured with information and personal experiences and gathered new impressions that may help to decide which step to take next.



What’s up next?

On 22 November we will have a job talk about “Project Management and Medical Writing”!

For further information, please visit our website (, stay tuned and join us throughout this seminar series! We hope to see you soon at one of our events – promoted and supported by juFORUM as well as the ImmunoSensation Cluster of Excellence and the Life Science Network Bonn/Bonner Forum Biomedizin. Moreover, many thanks to all our guests at the “juForum goes job“ events who provide many intriguing insights, talk about their work environment and let job titles come to life!



Larissa Mühlenbeck