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Keep Calm and Janeway!

When I started my PhD I was a “newbie”. I was THE DEFINITION of newbie: inexperienced beginner, making the first steps in the wild and scary PhD world! I was driven by curiosity, passion and motivation and I was hungry to know more, to learn more, to develop my own ideas and find my own way to push forward the project I was assigned to. … Continue reading Keep Calm and Janeway! »

Catch the moment – Networking at a conference

I guess many young scientists know that feeling: They collected their first useful data in the lab and are finally allowed to go to their first big conference in their field.   But what is going to conferences all about? You must spend a lot of money in advance, you have to arrange your travels by yourself, you spend much time on preparing your data … Continue reading Catch the moment – Networking at a conference »

The IITB Students’ Network Meeting 2015

“Who are those people that are gathered in the cluster of excellence?” – Answering this question was in fact the driving idea behind the first IITB Students’ Network Meeting, convened in late May. Of course this was not about passing around a list of names, but rather about exploring the cluster’s unique opportunities for exchange and cooperation face to face. Fruitful scientific teamwork is built … Continue reading The IITB Students’ Network Meeting 2015 »