Now on stage: NLRP3 and the molecular mechanisms behind atherosclerosis

The blog goes multimedia: with their film “What is NLRP3 and why do we care?” four PhD students from the Institute of Innate Immunity (Bonn) feature what their research is about. The research group around Prof. Eicke Latz wants to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind diseases like atherosclerosis, gout or Alzheimer´s disease. In all of these diseases the protein NLRP3 (NACHT, LRR and PYD domains-containing protein 3) plays the cad and mediates detrimental inflammatory processes.



Further reading:

Crystal Formation in Inflammation

Danger signaling in atherosclerosis

Activation and regulation of the inflammasomes


Authors: Alena Grebe, Andrea Stutz, Florian Hoss and Juan F. Rodríguez Alcázar

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